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Stephen Curry is one of the most talented and skilled basketball players in the world. He has set multiple records and won numerous accolades during his career. However, Curry’s success goes beyond the court as he has also become a major player in the business world. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into Stephen Curry’s net worth, salary, income, early life, career, personal life, relationships, facts, and records.


Early Life :-

Stephen Curry was born on March 14, 1988, in Akron, Ohio. His parents, Dell and Sonya Curry, were both athletes. Dell played in the NBA for 16 seasons, while Sonya was a volleyball player. Stephen grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he attended Charlotte Christian School. He showed early signs of his basketball talent in high school, where he led his team to three state championships.


College Career :-

Stephen Curry attended Davidson College, where he played for the Wildcats. During his college career, he set numerous records and won multiple awards. In his sophomore year, he led the NCAA in scoring with an average of 28.6 points per game. He also led his team to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament, where they eventually lost to the Kansas Jayhawks.


NBA Career :-

Stephen Curry was drafted by the Golden State Warriors with the 7th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft. During his rookie season, he showed flashes of his potential, but it wasn’t until his third season that he truly broke out. In the 2012-13 season, Curry set a new NBA record for most three-pointers made in a single season with 272. He also earned his first All-Star selection that season.

Over the next few seasons, Curry established himself as one of the best players in the NBA. He won back-to-back MVP awards in 2015 and 2016, and led the Warriors to the NBA championship in both of those seasons. In 2016, Curry also became the first player in NBA history to unanimously win the MVP award.

In recent years, Curry has continued to excel on the court. He led the league in scoring during the 2020-21 season, and has cemented his place as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history.


Net Worth and Salary :-

As of 2021, Stephen Curry’s net worth is estimated to be around $130 million. A significant portion of his wealth comes from his NBA contracts, which have earned him over $400 million over the course of his career. His current contract with the Golden State Warriors is worth $43 million per year.

In addition to his NBA salary, Curry has also earned millions from endorsements. He has deals with companies such as Under Armour, Chase, and JBL, among others. In 2020, Forbes estimated that Curry earned $44.6 million from endorsements alone.


Personal Life and Relationships :-

Stephen Curry is married to Ayesha Curry, whom he met when they were both teenagers in North Carolina. The couple has been married since 2011 and has three children together. Ayesha is a well-known cookbook author and television personality.

In addition to his family, Curry is also known for his strong faith. He has been open about his Christian beliefs and often attributes his success to his faith.


Facts and Records:

Stephen Curry has set numerous records throughout his career. Here are just a few of his notable accomplishments :-


Most three-pointers made in a season (272 in 2012-13)

First player in NBA history to unanimously win the MVP award (2016)

Most three-pointers made in a single NBA Finals series (32 in 2016)

First player in NBA history to make 400 three-pointers in a single.

Curry is a seven-time NBA All-Star.

He has won the NBA scoring title twice (2016, 2021)

Curry holds the record for the most consecutive games with a made three-pointer (with 157)

He has won three NBA championships with the Golden State Warriors (2015, 2017, 2018)

Curry is the Warriors’ all-time leader in three-pointers made

He was the NBA steals leader in the 2015-16 season

Curry has represented the United States in international basketball competitions and won two Olympic gold medals (2012, 2016)

He is the first player in NBA history to hit eight or more three-pointers in three consecutive games.

Conclusion :-

Stephen Curry is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players of all time. His skills on the court and his success off the court have made him a household name around the world. His net worth and salary reflect his tremendous talent, hard work, and dedication to the game.

Beyond basketball, Curry is also a family man, a devout Christian, and a philanthropist. He and his wife have started the Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation, which aims to provide children with access to education, healthy food, and physical activity.

As Stephen Curry continues to play and excel in the NBA, he will undoubtedly add more records and accomplishments to his already impressive resume. His impact on the game and the world goes far beyond his statistics and achievements, and he will be remembered as one of the greatest players of all time.


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