Kye Kelley Net Worth



Kye Kelley is a renowned drag racer who has made a name for himself in the motorsports industry. His impressive skills on the racetrack have earned him a legion of fans who are always keen to learn more about his life, career, and earnings. In this article, we will explore Kye Kelley’s net worth, salary, income, early life, career, personal life, and relationships.


Early Life :-

Kye Kelley was born on May 18, 1986, in Mississippi. He grew up in a family of racing enthusiasts and was introduced to the sport at a young age. His father was a drag racer, and Kye spent much of his childhood watching him race. It was during this time that he developed a passion for racing that would eventually lead him to become a professional racer.


Career :-

Kye Kelley began his racing career in 2006, and by 2009, he had already started competing in the No Prep racing circuit. In 2013, he gained national attention after appearing on the television show Street Outlaws. Since then, Kye Kelley has become a household name in the racing industry, with many fans flocking to see him compete in person.

In addition to his impressive racing skills, Kye Kelley is also an entrepreneur. He owns several businesses, including a performance shop and a tattoo parlor. He has also launched his own clothing line and is involved in several other business ventures.


Net Worth, Salary, and Income :-

Kye Kelley’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This figure is based on his earnings from his racing career, business ventures, and other sources of income. His salary as a professional racer is not publicly disclosed, but it is believed to be in the six-figure range. In addition, his business ventures have also contributed significantly to his overall income.


Personal Life and Relationships :-

Kye Kelley is a private person and prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye. However, it is known that he has been in a long-term relationship with Lizzy Musi, who is also a professional racer. The couple has been together for several years and often share photos of each other on social media.


Here are some facts about Kye Kelley :-

Kye Kelley was born on May 18, 1986, in Mississippi, USA.

He grew up in a family of racing enthusiasts, and his father was a drag racer.

Kye Kelley started his racing career in 2006 and began competing in the No Prep racing circuit in 2009.

He gained national attention after appearing on the popular television show “Street Outlaws” in 2013.

Kye Kelley is the owner of several businesses, including a performance shop, a tattoo parlor, and a clothing line.

His passion for racing has led him to become a successful racer, and he has won several championships and races throughout his career.

Kye Kelley is in a long-term relationship with fellow professional racer Lizzy Musi.

He is known for his driving skills, particularly in the small-tire racing scene, and is respected by many in the racing community.

Kye Kelley’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

He continues to compete in races and is focused on growing his businesses and expanding his brand.

Kye Kelley has achieved several notable accomplishments and set records throughout his racing career. Here are some of his most significant achievements :-

In 2015, Kye Kelley set a record for the fastest time on a radial tire at Lights Out 6 with a time of 4.12 seconds in the 1/8 mile.

In 2016, he won the No Prep Kings championship, beating out several other top racers.

In 2017, Kye Kelley set another record at No Prep Kings with the fastest time in the 1/8 mile on a small tire, with a time of 3.62 seconds.

He has won several major races throughout his career, including the Battle of the States and the Dirty South No Prep Series.

Kye Kelley is known for his consistent and skilled driving, and has earned the respect of many other racers in the industry.

Overall, Kye Kelley’s impressive racing skills and record of success have made him one of the most respected and admired racers in the industry.


Conclusion :-

Kye Kelley is a successful racer, entrepreneur, and public figure. His passion for racing and business has led him to achieve significant success, and his net worth reflects this. Despite his success, Kye Kelley remains humble and dedicated to his craft. His impressive career and personal life make him a role model for aspiring racers and entrepreneurs alike.