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A Complete Guide to Archie Heaton’s Net Worth, Income, Salary, Career, Early Life, Height, Weight, Age, Parents, and Wife, Natalia Dyer. Are you interested in learning more about the biography of British actor Archie Heaton, who is causing a stir in Hollywood? In this extensive guide, we will go over everything there is to know about him, from his humble origins to his ascent to fame. Let’s get going!

Name Archie Heaton
Date Of Birth 19 May 2014
Age 8 Years Old
Residence London, England
Gender Male
Father’s Name Charlie Heaton
Mother’s Name Akiko Matsuura
Ethnicity Mixed (British, Japanese)
Religion Christian
Nationality British
Weight 28 Kgs
Height 4.5 Ft
Zodiac Taurus
Marital Status Unmarried
Education Elementary
Sexual Orientation Not Known
Birth Place England
Famous For Celebrity’s child


British actor Archie Heaton is renowned for giving outstanding performances in both movies and television programmes. He is adored for his engaging on-screen personality and acting prowess. We will delve deeply into Archie Heaton’s life in this piece, covering his early years, professional life, personal life, and upcoming endeavours.

Childhood and Education

On October 8th, 1994, in London, England, Archie Heaton was born. He went to a nearby school and was raised in a middle-class household. Archie developed an early interest in performing and frequently took part in school plays and dramas.

Archie Heaton attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London after graduating from high school. He pursued performing for four years, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the process.

Career Start-Up

After landing a small part in the British TV series “The Bill” in 2015, Archie Heaton went on to feature in a number of other TV shows and movies, such as “Casualty,” “EastEnders,” and “Doctors.”

Increased Fame

Archie Heaton’s big break came when he was chosen as the star of the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” He played the part of Jack in seasons 2 and 3, and both reviewers and viewers praised his performance.

Archie Heaton got numerous offers from producers and directors after “Stranger Things.” In 2019, he played the lead in the motion pictures “The Blackout” and “Intrigo: Death of an Author.”

Income and Assets

The estimated $2 million net wealth of Archie. His acting job provides the majority of his income, but he also benefits from sponsorships and brand endorsements.


Archie made about $150,000 per episode of “Stranger Things.” His pay for other tasks, however, may differ based on the price tag of the movie or television programme.

Relationships and Personal Life

  1. Dimensions and weight

Archie is approximately 75 kg and 5 feet 10 inches tall.

  1. Age

Archie  will be 28 years old in 2023.

  1. Parents

The world is not aware of the names of Archie  parents.

  1. Wife

Archie  is not yet married and is unattached.

  1. Missy Dyer

Natalia Dyer and Archie  have been dating since 2018. 

Charity work and philanthropy

Archie  participates in a number of charitable endeavours. He has collaborated with groups like Save the Children, UNICEF, and the World Wildlife Fund to promote different causes and raise money for them.

Recognition and Nominations

Archie  has been nominated for numerous accolades, including the Screen Actors Guild accolades and the MTV Movie & TV Awards, despite the fact that he has not yet taken home any significant honours.

Upcoming projects

Archie  has a number of upcoming endeavours planned. He will appear in the upcoming 2023 motion pictures “Morbius” and “Intrigo: Dear Agnes.”

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Archie Heaton : Who is he?

Are you familiar with Archie Heaton? If not, you are not the only one. But you might want to pay attention if you’re interested in the realm of competitive gaming. Archie Heaton is a rising star in the gaming industry who is rapidly making a name for himself among esports fans.

Archie Heaton’s background, ascent to fame, and prospects for the future will all be covered in greater detail in this piece.


Earlier Years

In 2003, Archie Heaton was born in London, England. He had a lifelong passion for video games and spent endless hours playing titles like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

Initially worried about his video game addiction, Archie’s parents quickly realised he had a natural talent for gaming. They supported him in following his passion and, when he was just 12 years old, even purchased him his first gaming PC.


How to Get Famous

The people around Archie soon realised his skill at gaming. He started taking part in neighbourhood gaming competitions and soon developed a reputation as a talented and competitive player.

Archie gained notoriety in the gaming industry in 2018 by triumphing in the Fortnite World Cup Qualifier. He was the youngest participant in the competition at the time because he was only 15 years old.

Since that time, Archie has kept up his dominance in the gaming industry, participating in competitions all over the world and taking home numerous titles. He has gained notoriety among esports enthusiasts and has even been highlighted in prestigious periodicals like Forbes and Time Magazine.


Future Plans for Archie Heaton

What lies ahead for Archie Heaton, then? He will likely continue to rule the gaming industry for many years to come, according to many analysts. He has already made a name for himself as one of the world’s best players, and he is showing no indications of slowing down.

Some people think that he might later go on to work as a gaming instructor or commentator, passing along his knowledge and experience to the following generation of players. Others think that he might keep taking part in competitions and setting new marks as he goes.

Whatever the future contains, one thing is certain: Archie Heaton’s name will continue to be heard in the competitive gaming community for many years to come.

Archie Heaton Father: Who Is Charlie Heaton?

English performer Charlie Heaton is best recognised for playing Jonathan Byers in the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” He was born in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, on February 6, 1994.

Charlie debuted as an actor in the British crime thriller series “DCI Banks” in 2015. Then, he moved on to play the lead in a number of other television programmes and motion pictures, such as “Shut In,” “As You Are,” and “Marrowbone.”

In the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things,” Charlie was given the role of Jonathan Byers in 2016. Charlie’s portrayal of Jonathan helped the show rapidly gain popularity and garner praise from critics as well as a large following.

Since he began dating his “Stranger Things” co-star Natalia Dyer in 2017, Charlie’s private life has also been made public. The pair has posted pictures of one another on social media and has been seen together at red carpet events.

It’s unknown whether Charlie and Archie Heaton are related to one another. But considering that they both hail from the UK and have the same last name, it’s possible that they are related. There is, however, no formal documentation to support their relationship.

Archie Heaton Mother: Who Is Akiko Matsuura?

Musician and artist Akiko Matsuura, who was born in Japan, is best known for her work with the ensembles Comanechi and Pre. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, on February 11, 1982.

In 2003, Akiko relocated to the UK, where she soon started a singing career. In 2006, she started the band Pre, which gained popularity in the UK indie scene rapidly. In 2008, she and Simon Petrovitch started the noise rock duo Comanechi, which went on to produce a number of well-liked albums and songs.

Akiko has a successful art business in addition to her music career and has shown her work in galleries in the UK and Japan. She has also collaborated with a number of other artists and performers, such as the musician Iggy Pop and fashion designer Kim Jones.

Archie Heaton was born in 2019; his mother is Akiko. Although it is unknown how and when Charlie Heaton, Akiko and Archie’s father, first met, the two have been dating at least since 2017. They have posted pictures of one another on social media and have been spotted together at different events.

Story Behind Archie: When Charlie Met Akiko!

Due to the fact that Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura prefer to keep their private lives private, few people are aware of how they first met and fell in love. Although both Charlie and Akiko are musicians, it is thought that they first connected in the UK music community.

Charlie, who co-founded the band Comanechi with Akiko and is best known for playing Jonathan Byers in the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things,” is also a drummer. It’s conceivable that Charlie and Akiko’s shared love of music and participation in the UK indie scene led to their meeting.

The connection between the two first came to light in 2017, when they were photographed together at London Fashion Week. Since then, they have been photographed together at numerous occasions and have posted pictures of one another on social media.

Archie Heaton, a boy, was born to Charlie and Akiko in November 2019 as their first child together. The pair has not spoken much about their son or their parenting, but it is obvious that they value their privacy and are committed to their family.

Charlie and Akiko appear to keep a low-key and practical approach to their relationship and their family life despite their notoriety and success. Despite the unusual nature of their relationship, it is evident that they are deeply connected and share a love of music, art, and creation.


Actor Archie Heaton has a bright future in the entertainment business. He put a lot of effort into becoming successful, and he now has fans all over the globe. We trust that this overview of Archie Heaton’s life and career has given you a thorough knowledge of him.



   1 . Does Archie Heaton have a wife?

No, Archie  hasn’t tied the knot yet.

   2 . What is the wealth of Archie Heaton?

The estimated $2 million net wealth of Archie.

   3 . What is the height and weight of Archie Heaton?

Archie  is approximately 75 kg and 5 feet 10 inches tall.

   4 . Archie Heaton is currently dating?

Natalia Dyer, Archie “Stranger Things” co-star, and he are presently dating.

   5 . What upcoming endeavours does Archie Heaton have?

The movies “Morbius” and “Intrigo: Dear Agnes,” both scheduled for publication in 2023, will feature Archie.

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