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Known for her witty observations and incisive views on current events, Kat Timpf is a well-known political commentator, TV personality, and comedian. She frequently contributes to The Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox News Channel, and she has also made appearances on Outnumbered and The Fox News Specialists. Tyrus and Timpf, a Fox News Radio programme, is co-hosted by Timpf.

People are naturally interested in Kat Timpf’s net worth, income, salary, age, personal life, relationships, career, early years, height, weight, Instagram, spouse, and home given her success and public appearances. We will delve deeply into Timpf’s life in this extensive blog article to learn everything there is to know about her.

Name Kat Timpf
Full Name Katherine Clare “Kat” Timpf
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Date of Birth 29 October 1988
Age 34 Years Old
Birth Place Detroit, Michigan, United States
Currently Live in New York City
Profession Television News Anchor, Reporter and Comedian
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White American
Hometown Detroit
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
School/High School Local High School in United States
College/University Hillsdale College, United States
Education Qualification Graduate

Earnings and Financial Worth:

The estimated value of Kat Timpf’s net wealth is $1 million. Despite the fact that this may seem like a lot, given her successful career in the entertainment business, it is not surprising. She has done stand-up comedy, worked as a journalist, and appeared on several TV programmes. Timpf makes most of her money from her various positions in the entertainment business, such as her Fox News appearances and her podcast.


Kat Timpf makes about $250,000 a year as a political commentator and Media personality. For someone with her degree of industry success and experience, this is not unusual. It is significant to note that based on the particular project or programme that Timpf is working on, her pay may change.

Daily life and age:

On October 29, 1988, Kat Timpf was born, making her 34 years old in 2023. Timpf was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and she studied English at Hillsdale College. She is well-known for having a distinctive personality that many people find endearing.

Timpf is reputed to be a reserved individual when it comes to her private life. She has not provided a lot of information about her family or close friends, but we do know that she is presently married to software engineer Cameron Friscia. In a private ceremony held in Brooklyn in May 2019, the pair exchanged vows.

Early life and career:

As a video reporter for the news website CampusReform.org, Kat Timpf started her work. Later, she worked for The Washington Times as a digital editor, where she wrote and edited political and cultural pieces. Timpf began contributing to Fox News in 2015, and since then, she has made several appearances on the network’s programmes.

Timpf is a skilled comic who has done stand-up comedy in a number of locations across the nation. “Kat Timpf: Live at the Comedy Cellar,” her debut comedy CD, was published in 2017.

Physique measurements:

Kat Timpf is 120 pounds and stands at 5 feet 6 inches. Her distinctive sense of style, which has grown to be a defining characteristic of her on-screen persona, harmonises with her small body.


Over 120,000 people follow Kat Timpf on Instagram, where she is engaged. She regularly shares images and videos from her professional and personal life with her admirers, allowing them to see into her world. In addition to photos from her various TV appearances, her Instagram account is stocked with images of her spouse, pets, and travels.


As was already stated, Cameron Friscia and Kat Timpf are currently married. In 2018, the pair connected through a dating app, and a few months later they got engaged. If Timpf dated anyone else before getting married, it’s unknown because she hasn’t talked much about her prior relationships.

Father Name Mr. Daniel Timpf
Mother Name Mrs. Anne Marie Timpf
Brother Name Elliot Timpf
Sister Name Julia
Boyfriend Cameron James Friscia
Marital Status Married
Husband Cameron James Friscia


About Kat Timpf’s residence and living conditions, little is known. However, it’s safe to infer that she lives in a cosy and fashionable home given her net worth and income.

Awards and accomplishments of Kat Timpf:

While Kat Timpf hasn’t received any significant honours for her work in the media, she has made a number of noteworthy contributions.

Her work as a contributor to the political website National Review Online was one of her early successes. Later, she started appearing frequently on the late-night talk programme “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld” on the Fox News Channel, where she gained notoriety for her humorous analysis of politics and current affairs. As a result of Timpf’s success on the programme, different Fox News programmes, such as “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “The Five,” regularly feature her as a contributor.

Timpf has appeared frequently on other news shows in addition to Fox News, such as “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network and “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino” on Fox News.

As a successful writer, Timpf has written to a number of magazines and newspapers, such as National Review, The Washington Times, and The Hill. She has also contributed articles to the Onion, a spoof news website.

Another noteworthy achievement for Timpf was her participation on the “Match Game” jury in 2018. Prior to her exit from the network in 2020, she was a frequent panellist on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” on Fox News Channel.

Overall, Kat Timpf has become a renowned and adored figure in the media business despite the fact that she has not received any significant awards for her work in the field.

Information on Kat Timpf

The following information about Kat Timpf is fascinating:

  1. On October 29, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan, Kat Timpf was born. She was raised in West Bloomfield, a Detroit neighbourhood.
  2. She studied at Hillsdale College in Michigan, where she earned an English degree.
  3. Timpf started out as a writer, writing to magazines like The Hill, National Review, and The Washington Times.
  4. She became well-known for her political commentary and comedic performances as a result of her cameos on Fox News and other TV programmes.
  5. Timpf has frequently appeared on Fox News’ “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “The Five.”
  6. In addition to her job in the media, Timpf has performed at a number of comedy clubs across the nation as an improvised comedy performer.
  7. She has appeared on other programmes like “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network and served as a judge on the game show “Match Game.”
  8. Timpf is a devoted pet owner who frequently shares photos of her animals on Instagram.
  9. Timpf proposed to her future spouse Cameron Friscia in 2018, whom she had met through a dating app.
  10. She is renowned for her distinct sense of humour and her capacity to add comedy to sombre political debates.

These are just a few of the many fascinating facts about Kat Timpf, who, as a result of her skill and dedication, has established herself as a well-known figure in the media.



  1. How did Kat Timpf become well-known?

A: Kat Timpf’s performances on Fox News and other TV programmes helped her become well-known as a political commentator and TV personality. She is also well known for her humour, and she has given stand-up comedy performances at numerous locations across the nation.

     2.What is the net wealth of Kat Timpf?

A: Kat Timpf’s net wealth is thought to be in the neighbourhood of $1 million.

    3.Who is Kat Timpf’s husband?

A: Software developer Cameron Friscia is married to Kat Timpf.

    4 .Does Kat Timpf own any animals?

A: Kat Timpf is a devoted cat owner who frequently shares photos of her animals on Instagram.

    5. what does kat timpf husband do for a living

A: Data analyst Cameron Friscia is Kat Timpf’s spouse. Throughout his tenure, he has held positions with numerous organizations, including MSCI and UBS. With a background in data analytics and finance, Friscia has assisted businesses in making more informed choices about their operations. Friscia has supported Timpf’s career and has been spotted by her side at different events and appearances even though he may not be as well known as his wife.


As a result, Kat Timpf is a gifted and well-known TV host, political analyst, and comic. Many viewers love her because of her quirky demeanour and special sense of humour. Although Kat Timpf chooses to keep her personal life private, we hope that this in-depth article has given you a glimpse into her wealth, earnings, age, relationships, career, early life, height, and weight as well as her Instagram, husband, and home.

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