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American performer Kenn Whitaker is well-known and has worked in the business for more than three decades. He has established a reputation in Hollywood thanks to his performances in numerous films and TV programmes. We will examine Kenn Whitaker’s earnings, salary, childhood, personal life, job, age, height, weight, movies, brother, and TV shows in this blog article.

Younger years and personal life

Kenn Whitaker, whose brother Forest Whitaker is a well-known actor, writer, and director, was born on June 8, 1963, in Longview, Texas, in the United States. Kenn was raised in a household that placed a high value on education, and he later attended Cal Poly Pomona to study engineering.Kenn, however, quickly left college to focus on acting because it was his true passion. He started acting in the late 1980s, and since then, he has been in a lot of films and TV programmes.


In the years since he started performing in the late 1980s, Kenn Whitaker has made numerous film and television appearances. He has featured in TV shows like “The Young and the Restless,” “The Shield,” and “ER,” as well as some notable films like “The Walking Dead,” “Life,” “Most Wanted,” and “Bulworth.”In addition to directing a short film called “Screwed Up,” Kenn has also attempted his hand at producing films like “Dog Eat Dog” and “Hendrix.”

kin of Kenn Whitaker 

Kenn Whitaker comes from a long line of performers. His father, Forest Whitaker Sr., held jobs as an insurance salesman, instructor, and aspiring actor. His mother, Laura Francis Smith, taught students with disabilities.Kenn’s older brother, Forest Whitaker, is a well-known and accomplished actor, producer, and director who has worked on numerous TV shows and movies and received numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actor for his part in “The Last King of Scotland.”The Whitaker family also contains two younger siblings, Damon and Deborah, in addition to Kenn and Forest. Although they have both worked as actors, Damon and Deborah have not been as successful as their older siblings.The Whitaker family, which includes numerous members who pursue careers as actors, producers, and directors, has a solid history in the entertainment business.

Education of Kenn Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker’s educational background is not widely known. It is known that he went to Palisades High School, where he played football, and that he grew up in South Central Los Angeles.Following his high school graduation, Kenn started his journey towards an acting profession. He was cast in a small position in the 1991 film “The Doors,” which led to him getting his first acting job; since then, he has appeared in a number of films and TV shows, including “Life,” “Bulworth,” and “The Walking Dead.”Kenn might have had formal acting instruction, but there is no material that is readily accessible to confirm this.

The twin sibling of Kenn Whitaker 

There isn’t a twin sibling for Kenn Whitaker. Forest Whitaker, his elder brother, is also a well-known actor, producer, and director. Kenn was born on June 8, 1963, two years younger than Forest, who was born on July 15, 1961.The two siblings, who are not identical twins, have a close relationship and have frequently collaborated on projects. For instance, Kenn made an appearance in the Forest-produced film “Waiting to Exhale” and in a Forest-directed “The Shield” episode.It should be noted that despite their physical similarity, Kenn and Forest are not siblings, despite some people’s misconceptions to the contrary.

Salary, Income, and Net Worth

The estimated value of Kenn Whitaker’s net wealth is $1 million. In addition to earning money as an actor, he has also made money as a producer and director of films.Depending on the film or television project he is working on, his pay differs. But it’s believed that he makes an annual income of $50,000 on average.

Height, weight, and age

Kenn Whitaker is 59 years old right now. He is approximately 85 kg in weight and towers at a height of 185 cm, or 6 feet 1 inch. (187 lbs).

TV shows and movies

Throughout his tenure, Kenn Whitaker has made several film and television appearances. His noteworthy motion pictures include:

  • AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (1995)
  • “Life” (1999)
  • The “Most Wanted” (1997)
  • “Bulworth” (1998)
  • In “The Cursed” (2010)
  • From “The Last King” (2016)
  • His noteworthy TV programmes include:
  • Watch “The Young and the Restless” (1989)
  • In “The Shield” (2002)
  • “ER” (2004)
  • One who cleans. (2008)
  • In “The Unit” (2009)
  • Info on Kenn Whitaker 

These are Kenn Whitaker’s top ten fascinating facts:

  • Kenn Whitaker was born in Longview, Texas, in the United States on June 8, 1963. His sibling Forest Whitaker is also a well-known actor.
  • In the years since he started acting in the late 1980s, Kenn has made countless film and television appearances.
  • The Walking Dead, Life, Most Wanted, and Bulworth are a few of Kenn’s well-known films.
  • In addition, Kenn has made guest appearances on The Young and the Restless, The Shield, and ER.
  • Along with performing, Kenn has dabbled in producing, working on films like “Dog Eat Dog” and “Hendrix.”
  • In addition, Kenn is the director of the short feature “Screwed Up.”
  • Kenn is thought to have a personal worth of about $1 million, which he primarily acquired through his work as an actor and as a producer and director of motion pictures.
  • Kenn is 59 years old right now.
  • He is approximately 85 kg in weight and towers at a height of 185 cm, or 6 feet 1 inch. (187 lbs).
  • Being a reserved individual, little is known about Kenn’s private life. But it is well known that he is wed and has kids.


Kenn Whitaker is, in fact, a genuine person. He was born on June 8, 1963, in Longview, Texas, USA, and is an American actor, producer, and director. His notable roles include those in “The Walking Dead,” “Life,” “Most Wanted,” and “Bulworth.” He is also the brother of Forest Whitaker, another well-known actor, producer, and director.

Are Forest and Kenn Whitaker brothers? 

No, Kenn and Forest Whitaker are not identical siblings. Although they are siblings, their birth years are separated by two. While Forest was born on July 15, 1961, Kenn was born on June 8, 1963. The Forest brother is a well-known and accomplished actor who has received numerous honors, including the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in “The Last King of Scotland.” Both of his brothers are successful actors.

Where has Kenn Whitaker appeared on television?

Over the course of his tenure, Kenn Whitaker has made numerous TV appearances. He has performed in a number of performances, some of which are:

  • In one episode of the crime thriller series “The Shield,” Kenn portrayed Wendell.
  • “NYPD Blue” – Kenn portrayed Joseph in one of the episodes of this drama series about a detective investigation.
  • In one episode of this zombie-horror show, “The Walking Dead,” Kenn portrayed Bruce.
  • In one episode of the police investigative drama series “Chicago P.D.,” Kenn portrayed John.
  • In one episode of the medical drama series “Rosewood,” Kenn portrayed Dr. Weiss.

Just a few of the TV programmes Kenn Whitaker has starred in are listed here. Throughout his career, he has also taken on different roles in a number of films.

The Whitaker brothers are both actors.

Yes, stars Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker are related. The more famous of the two, Forest has starred in a number of movies and TV shows over the course of his career and has garnered numerous honours for his work, including an Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal in the motion picture “The Last King of Scotland.”In contrast to his brother, Kenn has participated in fewer productions, but he still has a number of acting titles to his name. In addition to TV programmes like “The Shield” and “The Walking Dead,” he has acted in films like “Life,” “Bulworth,” and “Most Wanted.”Forest and Kenn both come from performing families—their mother is a special education teacher and their father is an insurance agent who was also a professional singer—despite having different degrees of success in their acting careers.

Where Does Kenn Whitaker Get His Money From?

In order to make a living, Kenn Whitaker mainly works as an actor. Even though Kenn Whitaker has participated in fewer productions than his more well-known sibling, Forest Whitaker, he has still succeeded in building a solid acting career and has a number of acting credits to his name.Unknown if Kenn has any other jobs or revenue streams besides acting, as is the case with most actors. On the other hand, it appears from his IMDb profile that acting is his main profession.


Hollywood has recognised the acting, producing, and directing prowess of Kenn Whitaker. Despite coming from a family of performers, Kenn has worked hard to make a name for himself in the business and has made numerous appearances in films and television programmes over the course of his career. Kenn has demonstrated that in the entertainment business, perseverance and hard work can pay off with a net worth of $1 million.

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