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The son of LeBron James, Bronny James, is a rising basketball sensation who has been garnering attention for his impressive on-court abilities. The height, weight, age, net worth, salary, early years, personal life, relationship, Instagram, statistics, girlfriend, NBA draft, college, and schooling of this young athlete are all things that fans of the sport are interested in learning more about. We will examine each of these facets of Bronny James in-depth in this blog and give you a thorough biography.


Bronny James is presently about 6 feet 2 inches tall. He is still developing, so in the upcoming years, his height might increase by a few more inches.


Bronny James is thought to measure somewhere in the neighbourhood of 176 lbs. His athletic and lean physique allows him to move quickly and fluidly on the basketball floor.


Bronny James, who was born on October 6, 2004, is now 18 years old. His 19th birthday is in October 2023.

Net Worth:

Bronny James’ net wealth is predicted to be around $1 million as of 2023. His endorsement agreements with companies like Nike and his online presence on Instagram are the main sources of his wealth.


Bronny James does not presently receive a salary because he is still a high school basketball player and has not been selected by the NBA. He is anticipated to make a sizable sum of money as a professional basketball star once he joins the league, though.


LeBron James, the NBA sensation, and Savannah Brinson, his high school sweetheart, welcomed Bronny James into the world in Cleveland, Ohio. He started playing basketball at an early age because he came from a basketball-loving family. Before transferring to Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California, Bronny attended Old Trail School in Akron, Ohio.

Basketball player Bronny James started his basketball career as a young kid by participating in youth leagues and playing in neighbourhood parks. When he played for the Miami City Ballers in his AAU debut in 2014, he attracted widespread notice. He has since performed on numerous teams and improved his on-court abilities.

Personal life:

LeBron James has three children, the oldest of whom is Bronny James. Bryce, his junior brother, and Zhuri, his younger sister, are both his siblings. Other NBA star kids, like Zaire Wade, the son of Dwyane Wade, are also good friends of his.

Bronny  is not presently involved in a partnership that is known to the public. He has been concentrating on his academics and basketball prowess.


Bronny James has over 7 million followers on Instagram, where he is busy. He frequently shares photos of himself enjoying time with his family, friends, and practising basketball on social media.


For a basketball player in high school, Bronny James’ statistics are remarkable. In a game, he typically scores 15 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. He has the ability to develop into a player with a wide range of abilities because of his excellent defensive play. His numbers are only anticipated to rise as he sharpens his abilities.

As previously mentioned, Bronny  is not presently involved in a visible relationship. He hasn’t been romantically involved with anyone and has been concentrating on his basketball career and academics.

NBA Draft:

Because Bronny J is still in high school, he is not yet qualified for the NBA draught. When he is qualified, many experts believe he will go in the first round of the draught. His family history and on-court abilities make him a desirable prospect for NBA clubs.


Bronny  has not yet made a collegiate commitment. He is still a secondary school student and hasn’t said what he wants to study in college. But a lot of prestigious universities have already expressed interest in signing him for their basketball teams.


Bronny  is a senior at Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California, where he is presently enrolled. Although he hasn’t yet disclosed his intentions, it’s expected that he will enrol in a prestigious university to advance his basketball career.


   1 . Is LeBron James’ son Bronny James higher than him?

The answer is that Bronny  is not higher than LeBron James. LeBron James and Bronny James are both about 6 feet 2 inches tall as of 2023.

   2 . How much money is Bronny James worth?

Bronny James’ net wealth is projected to be close to $1 million as of 2023. His wealth is anticipated to increase considerably once he joins the NBA and secures endorsement deals with well-known companies, though.

   3 . Has Bronny James already been selected by the NBA?

In the NBA, Bronny  has not yet been selected. Since he is still in secondary school, he is not yet a draught eligible age. When he becomes eligible, he is anticipated to be a top selection.

The young basketball player Bronny James has been creating waves in the sports world, to sum up. Fans of the game are interested in learning about a player’s height, weight, age, net worth, salary, early years, professional life, personal life, relationship, Instagram, stats, girlfriend, NBA draft, college, and schooling. It will be fascinating to see what this budding star’s future contains as he sharpens his courtside abilities.



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